7 thoughts on “New character designs for Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon Crystal

  1. That’s cool. But I like the original design better. If there’s ever a beach episode in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, I wonder if either Mina or Amy will wear a two-piece bikini?

  2. These look pretty different than the original image they released for Sailor Moon Crystal. I loved the original image they showed us but I don’t like these. Sailor Moon’s head is a weird shape and the eyes just seem off and the mouths are strange. These images look really sloppy compared to the 1st Sailor Moon Crystal image. I hope that these aren’t an accurate representation and that the art is like the other image. *fingers crossed*

    I am THRILLED to have the original voice of Sailor Moon back.

  3. Ok… no! Just no. Why are they looking like Gundam Wing characters? This better be concept art and nothing more. Either way, I’m still not looking forward to this because it’s going to kill the old series I still love. God, Why couldn’t they get Ryutaro Hino to do the designs! He did a damn good job making Sailor Saturn artwork!


  4. Hey, the designs are graphically better than in the past, but in the past, the charakters had more emotionally faces and eyes.

    The new ones are looking a little bit cold :-/

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