4 thoughts on “Live Action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 14 – Sailor Mercury cries

  1. argue argue anger anger
    yum bad vibes
    oh look horse magic
    lets eat that instead
    oh good
    im so sick of dennys
    yeah the music gets us to the time
    i hope upset sugar does not ruin our music festival
    what the hay im not upset anymore
    thats ok lets sing
    all together oh oh ohhhhh now we
    hello we are the dazzilings
    welcome to canterlope high
    u should join our music festival
    ok lets sing
    lets have a battle battle battle of the bands
    argue argue argue argue
    what the hay what the human
    those dazzles are weird
    twinkle sprinkle please help
    hey we can do this weird ear thing
    i need to write a magic spell to stop the dizzles from taking over the word
    ok lets have a sleepiover
    yay sleepover zzzzz
    midnight insecurities
    they totally have horse magic
    dont do the ear thing or the duzzles will know we have horse magic
    ok lets sing
    shake ur tail cause were gonna have a party tonight shake u-
    u stink
    yum bad vibes are delicious
    ur stupid
    what the hay
    lets sing
    the music gets to the song that makes u loose it we say jump u say
    oh no
    how is that magic spell going
    almost done
    lets sing
    watch out for me im awesome as i wanna be hey hey hey
    ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooo
    upset sugar what the hay what the human
    rainbow dish almost did the ear thing
    argue argue argue argue
    we are mad
    zippity zap its a trixei trap
    what the hay what the human
    argue argue argue argue
    stop fighting the dizzles are eating ur bad vibes
    im sorrry
    oh we dont need a magic spell we just need frndship
    lets freakin sing
    can i sing now
    sure yeah we need to said that before
    lets sing
    in our adventure survives survives survives
    what the hay what happend to our beautiful voices why do i sound different
    yay we won
    i do belong and i did the ear thing
    lets sing
    we will shine like rainbows oh oh oh we will shine like rainbows

  2. This is our wellie wisher’s song
    And when we got our wellies on
    Little mud won’t stop us when it’s time to play
    Splishing splashing through it all
    Winter summer spring or fall
    And we’ll show you the wellie wisher way
    So put your wellies on your feet
    And a stomping to the beat
    There so many friends to meet
    And things to do
    It doesn’t matter who you are
    Or if you’re living near or far
    The wellie wisher’s wish the best for you

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