The NYCC “Exclusive” Sailor V Funko Pop! Vinyl is now available from Hot Topic

Sailor V Fall Convention Exclusive

This weekend is New York Comic Con and while some of you may be trying to figure out how many goats to sacrifice to get into the lottery to get one of the convention exclusive Sailor V Funko Pop! Vinyl figure we reported on earlier, the toy is available to order from the Hot Topic web site and as of the time I’m writing this it is “In Stock”. I’m really not sure what the term “Exclusive” means anymore. I mean it’s nice that more fans can get it I just didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen until after the convention. Notice that the Hot Topic product listing image has a “2017 Fall Convention Exclusive” sticker instead of the “New York Comic Con Exclusive” sticker we had previously seen from the Funko web site. Both stickers, however, have a Statue of Liberty image on them, which to me seems to be a symbol representing New York City…

New York Comic Con exclusive Sailor V Funko Pop! Vinyl

As a Canadian I was briefly excited at the prospect of buying this figure, which is selling for a somewhat reasonable $15 US. Upon checkout when I was presented with a whopping $31 US shipping charge I promptly canceled my order. I frequently order items from Japan, quite literally on the other side of the planet, which arrive in a day or two for less than this ridiculous scam disguised as “shipping and handling”. How are they shipping this thing that could be so expensive? By personal courier riding a diamond eating unicorn? UPS? I’ll just stop now before I say what I’d like to say about this situation in words that I prefer not to use on this site.

New York Comic Con exclusive Sailor V Funko Pop! Vinyl

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7 thoughts on “The NYCC “Exclusive” Sailor V Funko Pop! Vinyl is now available from Hot Topic

  1. I must get it! But the shipping for me brings it to $20 and that’s with Hot Topic being nearby and the shipping claiming it can take up to 14 days… Not sure if I should just make the trip there or order…ugh.

  2. I also did the same as you. I got the email from Hot Topic and was so excited, $15 seemed so reasonable. Then I got to the shipping page… $31?! Yeah… No. What a rip. I’d also like to know what courier they’re using. If I’m paying $31 USD, it had better be here the very next morning.

    I love Hot Topic but this definitely made me like them less… eBay it is.

  3. I bought mine at Hot Topic in the mall here in Daytona Beach FL last week. I’m so sorry for everyone who is stuck with paying for shipping. :( I used to be in that boat when I lived in WI and 3 hours from the nearest HT.

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