2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Usagi’s birthday live event – Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 intro

  1. Hi,
    Jist wanted to pick your brain about your comment about the letter. Did she mention a specific date in that year. If it were before her birthday, in ’92, she wouldn’t have turned 27 yet, right?

    • It doesn’t really add up for 1967 regardless of the date. She’s born in March so if it were Jan/Feb 1992 then, if she was born in 1967, she would be 24 and in the later part of 1992 she would be 25. If she were born in 1966 as other sources mention she would be either 25 or 26 in 1992, depending on the time of the year. She can’t be 26 at any time in 1992 and have been born in 1967 as it is listed on her Wikipedia page.

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