One thought on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 33 – Neo Queen Serenity creates a paradox

  1. That really pissed me off that they did that i love her silver hair i wish she wered have silver hair all the time she terns in to sailor moon to . its very pritty and it makes her stand out more. I loved that thay gave her silver hair in season 2 i dont understand tho y thay wered give her blond hair in the 3erd season even tho we know. She had silver in the 2end season. I hate that thay did that it makes me mad . u know i think what thay r trying to do is make season 3 as similar as thay can to to the 90 anime. Thats y thay have the same style attacks as the 90s verges i also relized that in sailor moon crystal. Season 1 and 2 when thay did thair attacks thair was no big background. Seecrens behind them which i think made it cooler and a bit more real . but in season 3 they brought it back its pritty and all but i love the way thay did the fisrt 2 seasons better. The cool 3D that thay did . it was so cool the fighting seans were so much more epic and cool i loved it but now it just seems like thair going back to the 90s for advice i loved the animation for the 1rst 2 seasons but now with the 3rd one the way it is im really disappointed i hope in season 4 thay change everything back oh and if u can pass on my thoughts about this to the people in Japan who r working on sailor moon that wered be great maybe thay will listen. Thank you. <3

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