11 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 19 – Usagi and Mamoru having sex

  1. Ok, but can anyone answer this burning question for me… In the beginning of Sailor Moon R the movie, why does momoru act super suspicious when usagi puckers her lips at him? And after when the shelves move!? Everyone knows they’re a thing, why does he act like this even if they are gonna make out?

    • In Japan there’s a specific taboo about kissing in public. This can be seen a few times in the series and Sailor Moon R The Movie is one example. Notice how Mamoru looks around to make sure no one sees them kissing. The girls are similarly embarrassed to be watching, which is part of that taboo.

      In Sailor Stars when Mamoru leave for the US, he and Usagi kiss in the airport in public. This is specially done against that taboo and supposedly the point of this scene is to show that their affection for each other is so strong in this moment that they can’t help but do this. We even see people running around near them while they are kissing to illustrate that they aren’t alone.

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