2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 – Sailor Moon killing Queen Beryl

  1. among us is a multiplayer game players are either crewmates or an impostor the crew objective fill group task bar and find out who’s the impostor complete tasks to fill the gauge report dead bodies call emergency meeting when impostor found react to the impostor’s sabotage check admin map and security for suspicious activity the impostor objective kill of the crew blend in with the crew sneak in vent pretend to run tasks sabotage the ship and confuse the crew close doors and trap victims kill crewmates while playing in person no talking is allowed to keep the game fair from the impostor and the crewmates if the player is killed by the impostor they cannot talk until the game ends ghosts can still run tasks if a person reports a body or call an emergency meeting the crew gathers around to tell what they know about the impostor ghosts cannot talk as they already know who the impostor is if a player gets the most votes he or she will be ejected form the ship or you can skip vote

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