18 thoughts on “Live Action Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act 6 – Makoto cries

    • Tommy: Yo. Yo. Yo.

      Chelsea: Hi everyone! It’s me Chelsea. I got lots of friends. Madison, Tamika, Kira, and Marie. I got long hair and really smelly feet. I hope you all enjoy my really sick beat.
      Tommy: Word.

      Isabelle: My name is Isabelle. Can’t you see. I-S-A-B-E-LL-E. I got a twin sister, she kind of annoying, but, not like Tommy. He always destroying.
      Tommy: Check it out!

      Annabelle: It Annabelle here and I’m in Preschool. I love Chocolate ice cream and really pretty dolls like American Girl. I got really nice parents, they name Barbie and Ken. Mummy really pretty and Daddy like Ben 10. But we getting kind of tired, so we gonna take a break.
      Tommy: Peace out!

  1. life the game grandchildren the brown haired girl goes to the fire the redhead gets elecricuted and the purple haired kid gets poisoned

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