2 thoughts on “The cast of Sailor Moon Le Mouvement Final

  1. I know that I should not compare musicals to Crystal… BUT I still think that if sometime in the far, far future there will be 5th season of Crystal, it will be also without Heavy Metal Papillon, Lethe&Mnemosyne and Phi&Chi… Simply because maybe that would be just too much to animate, too much to tell, simply too much of everything… They already omitted stuff like Eudial’s daimon form because it was probably too much to handle and even in the original anime they had to change the plot, so why they wouldn’t omit something again in the future?

  2. the thing is though, HMP, Chi and Phi, Lieth and Mnemosyne were kind of important over all, L&M killed the starlights, Chi & Phi stole the starlights sailor crystals and killed kakyuu, HMP is the grave keeper and almost kills kakyuu, moon and chibichibi before chibimoon and her guardians come into save the day..

    if they were to omit them in crystal, they would also omit these vital plot points. and as crystal so far has been for the most part 1-1 with the manga, it wouldnt make any sense to change vital points in the story just because they didnt include a minor monster form in the third season.

    and if its “too much to tell” whats stopping them from pulling another “Act 27 parts 1 & 2″ again? if anything they should do that for the stars arc when they get to it., especially in the latter half of the storyline.

    the only reason the musicals omit major characters (im assuming) is because there’s nothing they can do with them in the story, or because time constraints, PE never had the spectre sisters, la amour eternal left out the Amazoness/Sailor Quartet in favour of the amazon trio. heck we havent seen Luna or Artemis since the very first musical, so again, i dont see why crystal would leave out important characters just because the musicals do. (plus the new musicals and crystal are two separate continuities anyway)

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