One thought on “Sailor Moon Crystal Act 17 – Sailor Jupiter clone attacking Sailor Jupiter

  1. I was so exited to watch this episode
    but i didn’t understand somethings
    1. In the beginning of the episode why didn’t makoto be sailor jupiter while the others were in there suits while they fight
    2. I don’t now why usagi ami rei makoto and minako are named after the planets from our solar system
    3. Was sailor mercury trying to get beryl in the shield or was she doing that for fun
    4. Why did sailor venus opened her mouth so wide (BTW “Hi,” I said quietly making sure not to open my mouth so wide that little diced omelet tomatoes come flying out.)
    5. Why didn’t venus kill beryl in the anime not manga
    6. Why did tuxedo mask held down sailor moon’s throat
    7. When mercury venus mars and jupiter almost fell down the big crater why were they crying so loud that sirens of a police car started appearing a bit
    8. Why did sailor venus have cobalt blue eyes instead of blue eyes when she stops crying
    9. How did the 4 men managed to survive even though metalia killed them
    10. And lastly why did sailor moon kill herself

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