2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon – Silver Crystal – Heart shaped

  1. Seems you know what the story is about. That is the sacred heart, like Jesus wears. Same reason why SM has the holy grail. Believe me, I understand the SM story, it’s the oldest story on earth. Do you know where to find the true moon rabbit, Sea of Moscow is where Usagi comes from. We know it once faced the earth, because we see it’s weather pattern over Japan quite often, backwards. Not only Japan, but around the globe. I love the SM story, it’s the best on earth. She is everybody’s mother

  2. You have to find the right image of Mare Moscoviense, the one that shows the rabbit inside the egg. There is another link to Jesus, Easter. If you look up image of Mayan Moon Rabbit, you will see the artifact that looks identical to this crater, with the rabbit inside of it. Some pictures of Sailor Moon show her with her hair shaped like this egg. It’s extremely interesting knowing what the creators of this story know, the true story of the moon.

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